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Login button not responsive

Users are reporting that the login button is not responsive when attempting to log in. This issue is hindering their ability to access their accounts and needs urgent attention to ensure a smooth login experience.


Missing data in user profiles

Some users are experiencing missing data in their user profiles, affecting the accuracy of displayed information. Investigating and resolving this issue is crucial to maintain the integrity of user data.


Search results not updating

Users have reported that search results are not updating dynamically as they type in the search bar. Addressing this issue is essential to provide users with real-time and accurate search results.


UI elements overlapping on mobile

Some users have reported that certain UI elements overlap when accessing the application on mobile devices. Investigating and fixing this issue is crucial for an optimal mobile user experience.


Incorrect error message on form submission

Users are receiving an incorrect error message when submitting forms, leading to confusion. Identifying and correcting this issue is important for providing clear and accurate feedback to users.


Broken links in user notifications

Users have reported encountering broken links in the notifications they receive. Resolving this issue is essential to ensure that users can access relevant content from their notifications.


Slow performance on certain browsers

Some users are experiencing slow performance when using the application on specific web browsers. Investigating and optimizing performance for these browsers is necessary for a consistent user experience.


Data synchronization issue

Users have reported discrepancies in data synchronization between different devices. Investigating and resolving this issue is crucial to maintain data consistency across the platform.


Broken image links in user profiles

Users are encountering broken image links in their profiles, affecting the visual representation of their profiles. Fixing this issue is important for a visually appealing user experience.